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Buyer request sent! what next?

Hello guys, I’ve 15 sent buyer requests and no one has replied/responded yet! is there something I’m missing? is it over?it’s still in my sent offers tab.Do I need to contact them somehow? even some sellers are posting their service there lol.
sorry for new thread, I did’t find any thread that could solve my confusion.


All that’s left to do is wait and submit more. If the buyer doesn’t want to hire you, then they don’t want to. The point of buyer requests is to wait for the buyer to contact the people they want to hire. Messaging them would be spamming and is against the rules of Fiverr. It’s also against the rules to advertise your gig in the section so don’t do that. Hope I helped :slight_smile:


thank you. I have’t messaged any buyer. I was just curious that am I missing something. A buyer had request to do work in24hours and I sent offer, no reply since 2 days!

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They’re probably just changed their minds or found another seller. These things happen. Just be patient. I’ve had buyers whom I’ve submitted offers to weeks ago come back and contact me. You really can’t tell with these things.


Unfortunately, when a buyer has already hired someone, there is no way for him/her to contact the other 20+ sellers to know that.

I suggest that you not be “wordy” but give the buyer exactly what they are asking for in your bid. By golly, do NOT give them a one liner or a canned response! That is a huge turn off and a sure way to get your bid deleted.

Yes, there is a delete icon the buyer can remove the bids they are not interested in while as a way to filter while waiting for others to bid.

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Heh, it happens to me a lot too.
Unfortunately you are not the only one applying and the buyer may have chosen someone else. It also depends when you send the request: if the buyer already has 20+ offers (you can see how many offers he has received), he probably already hired someone.
Or maybe your offer isn’t appealing. Try to improve what you write in your offer. I constantly try to improve myself; even the tiniest of changes may do the difference!

Just keep trying! :slight_smile:


no problem its upto buyer that whom should he or she hire

The most important thing is quality presentation of the work you are offering. Sometimes it is really hard to win between all those people, but you have to be patient. For instance, I am a sixth year med student with a lot of health knowledge but yet I never got a job to write an article about it because of tough competition! Just have to wait!


It used to be very effective. These days buyers who are really looking for a good seller end up getting spammed by some sellers who can’t even do the job. For example, I once posted a request for “American Accent voice over artist” and out of 20 offers, 8+ sellers who sent offer were selling computer generated voice overs. Hardly 2-3 where good fit. Being a seller, I am aware of this but most of the buyers who are new to fiverr usually get disappointed by these type of offers and either end up manually looking for sellers or hire some cheap seller (and end up having a bad experience).

I once saw a request where a guy with $10 budget was looking for a 25 minute long 3D Animation (Movie Quality) and 23+ requests were sent to him. I mean, who is actually willing do that?

Just keep sending offers. Someone might hire you in future.


That conversation is really helpful for me. I wish if there is some function to know that the buyer request is expired when buyer is hired someone at least.Anyway thank you for thread starter and others for giving information very clearly.