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Buyer request show 1 active buyer request but not on the list

Hello everyone.
my account show 1 active buyer request. There is “1” written at the top of “Active” but in the list, there is nothing.



Same here.


me too, it’s started from yesterday.

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This problem till 2 month

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same problem my buyer request list top Active 4 but not show list.

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I also have the same problem.:slightly_frowning_face:


Read somewhere on the forum that it’s an old bug that isn’t fixed yet.

So does it leave any impact to your account in any regards? :wastebasket: since I’m facing it, :mask: I didn’t received any inquiry nor any order so far! :pizza::pizza::pizza: Before that I were receiving orders and inquiries too as well. :heart::heart_decoration::heavy_check_mark::heavy_dollar_sign:

same problem still 2 month :thinking: :thinking:

I’ve seen this for months. Apparently it’s just an old bug that has never been fixed till now.

Yesterday I saw 3 active buyer’s requests but it shows only 1 active

Oh Yes I have the same issue, since last few days. I was wondering if someone accepted my offer and I did not know about it. But looks like everyone is having the same issue.

Facing same issue, as i am new here on fiverr & worried if i can land any project without buyers request?? :thinking:

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mine was gone after 3 or i guess 4 months.

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I’m seeing this issues in last few days, it shows 4 active buyer request but there’s no buyer request on that page. Is that fiverr bug or something else i just wonder :roll_eyes: :neutral_face:


I am on fiverr for quite some time now but never really created gigs before this month. And in all this time I have yet to see a buyer request :confused:

same problem i am facing few days . But finally i got some buyer request today on my profile.
Hopefully, i got a solution with the problem .

My solution : Please find the correct time when buyer request come to your profile . all time not available buyer request on your profile my dear. you have to find out the time.

Note : please don’t misunderstand me . it’s my opinion . it’s can be right or wrong for you.

But, best of luck.


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Thank you for the solution.

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I have also face this problem.