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Buyer request showing request that I don’t do

I do 2d and 2.5d animantion, so why almost 50% of my buyer request page it’s about 3d animantion/rendering?
I don’t do that, I don’t have any gigs that does that.
This fills my buyer request page and I lose time reading them only to find half way that they’re about something I don’t even do

If the buyer leaves a request in the category that your gigs are in, then you still be able to see those buyer requests.

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Ideally Fiverr would move requests that buyers put in the wrong categories, but alas… That would be too considerate.

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I understand, but I checked and my tags are in 2d animantion and I keep receving 3d requests…
Unless they only use the animantion tag in general, I don’t understand why I’d receive requests for things that I don’t use the programs they want