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Buyer Request Success Story

I look at the buyer request section several times a day and send offers when I think I might be a good fit. I’ve gotten several jobs that way. A few weeks ago I saw a request looking for a professional narrator for a couple of long scripts. I sent a generic offer detailing what my basic rates are along with a link to some voice samples and said if they thought my voice might be right for their needs, let me know and I would prepare a detailed offer. They asked for one, along with a sample reading of their script. My offer was much higher priced than anything I’d ever done on fiverr, but it was a big job. They liked my sample and gave me the job! I made sure to communicate quickly and clearly throughout the project, delivered what I promised, delivered on time, and the buyer gave me a great review at the end. There is good paying work on fiverr, but you need to present yourself as though your work warrants it. Good customer service is more important than ever when dealing with buyers online.


I have make my first two sale on Fiverr through the buyer request page and the buyer left me with five star review. The key to getting more order is to be original, dont try to oversell yourself and be fast with your delivery.


I have sent 78 quotes. I’ve had only two jobs from there. My last quote was answered by a guy that only wanted writing samples and when I sent him the custom order with unlimited revisions, he disappeared…

Well, apparently he was blocked because he violated the TOS hahaa.