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Buyer Request System Problems


Does anyone else think it’s annoying that you can only send certain gigs to buyers who request them? I guess they go by keywords in the request language and in the language of your gigs, but that just doesn’t work every time. I just wanted to send a buyer my article writing gig on a request that said something to the effect of “I someone to edit and rewrite the ‘about my’ section of my website” and it only allowed me to send my “proofreading for undergraduates” gig, which is definitely NOT the most relevant gig I have for that job.


Reply to @ricksper:

ricksper said: or create a real search engine.



Reply to @itsyourthing: I can see it now, a million sellers recategorizing Gigs. :frowning:

So there are currently more than 103,000 unfulfilled requests out there and continually climbing. And the spam continues and since it will not stop, why not just let the seller’s communicate with potential buyers. At least then those buyers will be able to make informed decisions about who to respond to.

Either that or create a real search engine.


Reply to @ricksper: Like anything on a platform like Fiverr, there’s an amount of chaos no matter how a function is implemented. Maybe the categories should all be re-defined too. :slight_smile:


I thought I read awhile back that sellers could pick the gig - regardless of the category. I guess that wasn’t working and they changed it back.

Fiverr should pay a stipend to users for all the time devoted to system workarounds! :slight_smile:


I know it’s a P.I.T.A. but you can temporarily re-categorize you Gig, make the offer then restore it back to the original category…or leave it there if you think it will result in more requests being shown.


It is a little frustrating, to be sure. I’d assume they did it this way to cut down on the amount of spam that buyers were getting, but I’ve run into the same problem, where someone wants “SEO content for webpage” and I can’t send my gig specifically for SEO content, because the buyer’s put the request in a weird subcategory. So, it prevents spam, but, at least in my experience, it also prevents relevant gigs from being submitted, too.


It doesn’t go by keywords. Your gig must be in the same category and subcategory as what the buyer requested.

itsyourthing said: ...sellers could pick the gig - regardless of the category
= total chaos.