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Buyer Request text

Hi Everybody How are you and how going your fiverr experience

Today i am going to opening a new topic
I think this will be unique and interesting :wink::wink:

Everyone comment that text they write when they send buyer Request and other will give them suggestions is this fine or not

This will be a amazing and interesting must comment :+1::+1::+1:

My text

I would like to work with you on this project
I will provide you best of my skill :slight_smile:
Have a great day


Since you posted it, why not start with your buyer request template?


Why don’t you start with your own text.

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He did. At the end of the message. All-be-it not a fantastic one, but he did provide it.

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@introvideos12 @graphixunlimite check now :slight_smile:

Wait, my apologies. I see that he edited it in later. Sorry about that.


Its oky :slight_smile::slight_smile: unfortunately i forget to write my own text at the end

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In my case, every offer I send to my buyers is different to the other one. Here I can mention only two words that are common in each and every offer. these are… “Thank you”


He edited and included it in the message after my comment.

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I had responded to your earlier message before seeing this. I’m sorry about that.


It’s a different text every time, tailored to the specific request.

But the last text I got response to looked something like this:
“Hello, I am able to do this easily. I have [equipment] (you can see the quality in this [gig I sent]) and [equipment]. If [specific equipment] is alright with you, that’d be great. I do have the option to use [other specifics] but would prefer the first option as it is much easier that way. You’ll get full copyright ownership [of delivery]. I can [do what the offer says but of course stated way more specifically] and you can then pick pieces [of the delivery, since it is video work] that you want later as you [get the delivery].”

I got a response very fast to this.

I try to think from the buyer’s point of view, like if I was expecting offers to come, what would I expect to see - I’d want people to explain how well they understood my request, so when I send response, I reiterate with my own words what I think is required of me, what this buyer wants the seller to accomplish. If there are points that confuse me, I ask for clarification.
Then I’d like it if the person would describe to me, if they got this work, how they see themselves executing it, so I write about what equipment I’d be using for this, what is my vision of what the finished work would look like, everything I will do before I send the delivery to them.
And then finally I let them know there are revisions available and any other small detail like copyright things (this part I discuss after there is a response from buyer, go into more details as the buyer does as well).


And as I write I’m always keeping in mind that my goal isn’t to just get work to get paid, it’s to do something that is enjoyable to me and that I am fairly certain I can accomplish in a way that is enjoyable to the buyer, too.


Hahaha great this is really great one

Its really great one :+1:

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Superb, its really nice and you explain as really clean and clear. it just amzing.

why are you not starting with own text.than you

Very inspiring and informative.