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Buyer Request Timing For BD Freelancers

Hello Guys!
Hope you are doing good, and staying protected from the Pandemic.

I got a good news for my Bangladeshi Fiverr Freelancers.

###May be or May be not###
For the past couple of days, I noticed that : starting from 10Am to 1PM. I have found a lot of buyer requests. I mean really a lot. Around 70 to 80/ each day. And if you can apply within the first 10 offers on each buyer requests, JACKPOT!!!

Its just for the new sellers.
As I am also a new seller, thus I applied in the right time and got two knocks yesterday. But sad, I couldnt convert them :disappointed:.

I hope you guys can bring a good benefit out of it.

Just try to stay active on those 3 hours for atleast a day or 2. You might see the results. And don’t forget to inform it on the comment down below. Thus I can assure, my research were on point. (Or, maybe I am wrong)

###I Repeat, the information I provided above, is based on my research for five days. It might not be same for your dashboard as well (if buyer requests varies from account to account) ###

Thank You


Wow thanks @mahisur_rahman for your info. I didn’t noticed that yet. Hope it works :innocent:

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My pleasure nazmul brother. Just try it out and let me know about it tomorrow. I hope it works, or else I will delete this post.

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Yes, it’s been like that with me, and I’ve noticed this thing, but you have more to say later it became clear to me.
Like you, I could not connect to any buyer :rofl: :rofl:


Sure brother :blush:I will!

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Maybe I was poor in communication thus, I couldn’t covert them to order. But they replied my request (that I appilied before any other offers were sent, like I mean : my offer was maybe within first 10 offers).

Only because I remain straightly active on those times, refreshing my browser. And as soon as I got a request (relatively to my work), I applied.