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Hello Freelancer,
Can any experience seller tell me that if I will replay buyer request by same content, is there any problem?
Thank you.


Hello Sujon,

It’s not a problem per se but not advisable.

If you want buyers to accept your offer, your best bet is to tailor your offer exactly to the specific request you are replying to.
The custom text field is there for a reason, if you just paste some pre-fabricated one-fits-all text there, you are wasting a valuable sales tool.

You can search the forum for ‘how to write a buyer request’ or such for more tips, it’s a topic that comes up quite often.


Exactly Your offer would be up to the buyers order :blush:


when you create a gig try to keep perfect catagory,tag and also add related skills in your profile|


Try searching this site for buyer request help. There are LOTS of tips.


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