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Buyer request to cancel the order

Buyer request me to cancel the this is my first order and I,m only animating logos.But he said me to make logo and animation he will say me to cancel the order what can I do for that…please help me


Not much you can do I’m afraid!

Cancel it and move on x


remove on means?:unamused:

Send massage to buyer and try to change his mind.

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he need to cancel the order over an over…what can I do

Cancel the order. …


when i cancel how it affect to my gig

It probably won’t affect it.

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If you do mutual cancel your order completion will be 0%. This effect will be up to 2 month .But buyer can not cancel order without issue. If you deliver order perfect he can not cancel order but he can give you bad review, and this effect will be long term. So mutual cancel is better.

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how can i do that.i have already accept the order

Are you level zero? If so it won’t affect it.


yes,this is my first order

Tell buyer for open order dispute then you will agree. As my experience , I have finished 77 order and only 1 order was cancel. It was very bad effect for me. But what can we do, So you have to take your own decision.

he was already open a dispute so as you telling i should respond to that

Cancel it. Accept the dispute request to cancel.


thanks to helping me…all

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Buyer open a dispute , so fiverr accept his issue. Now you have nothing to do.

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ok.i cancelled it:grinning:

sorry for you :cry::cry: hope soon you get another job

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After I accepted the dispute will it affected to my net order Gain.