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Buyer request to cancel the order

IMO Cancellation will affect your ‘Order completion’ rate, no matter if it is mutual cancellation or charge back or any other.
For example in next two month if you successfully complete 9 orders then your order completion rate will be 90%.
If you just do 1 successful order then it will 50%.

I did not go through your gig description, but I think you shoule make your order description clear so buyer did not get wrong impression that you design logo also.

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She is at zero level so it’s not going to affect her level. It will take her a while anyway to establish level one. She just needs to start getting more orders and completing them.


Yes ofcourse,This is my first order…Feeling so sad,would I never get buyer request agin

Don’t worry, you will get buyer requests. Good luck for future.

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I will hope so :neutral_face:

Am so sorry for you… Though you need to work on you language (English) for better communication with buyers and increase your conversion rate

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