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Buyer request to go to other platform for payment

Hi guys, you are doing well. I have a new question with you. I have a new buyer from *****, she is talking with me with her project for more than a week. She also wanted a demo before started to work and i made a demo and showed to her as well. And she is agree to work with me. She made me wait for few days. Now, I am requested to work on that project, but the problem is that she is not able to pay for me through fiverr. She says that there is problem with fiverr payment system. What is she trying to do with me? Is she true buyer?

I would be happy getting your suggestions.


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she sounds like a scammer


maybe she is a scammer

Fiverr does actually have some problems with cards, buyers come here pretty much frequently saying their payment method gets declined for no reason.

But your title is different from your story. Did she just say she has a problem or did she already say she wants to pay you off of Fiverr as if she can’t do anything about it? Because the latter would make me think it is indeed a scammer. The sample thing is also ambiguous.

Whatever she is, if you take payment outside fiver then fiver will ban you.

Do it if you’re happy to risk your account.

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Almost facing a same buyer, did demo work for him for some days, now he says he has some sort of card problem. So now he want’s his source files to be delivered. I was so nice to him and it almost broke my heart to say that I won’t give you the files if you don’t accept my order. I was so close to get done with my first order. And now he is inactive for some days.

Well, THAT was a scammer for sure.

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Sounds like she is trying to get work for paying nothing. You should tell her that you cannot accept any for of payment off of Fiverr platform and stop communicating with her. Scam

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Fiver is a good medium for transactions

It’s hard to tell for sure; she might really be experiencing problems with payment, and wouldn’t be the only one.

However, if she doesn’t place an order, for whatever reason, you shouldn’t deliver the work. Even if it’s really not her fault. Because, if you take the payment outside of Fiverr, you’re breaking the rules and could lose your account. Is that one buyer worth it?

You can politely explain to her that you can only deliver the work after she places the order, and advise her to contact Customer Support and ask them for help with her payment problem.