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Buyer request ULTIMATE proposal

Here are 5 golden rules to keep in mind when you are writing your offer on buyer request

1 - Don’t be shy asking the byer about more details about the post, if the buyer is providing unfinished description or just testing the water just pock him let him provide as many additional details and ask him to be very descriptive.

2 – Use short offer no need to use any fantasy word to describe your service , byer know you are not professional even if you pretende to be professioanl , its fiverr market after all : people are looking for sheep design and not professional design , just keep this in mind

3 - Always include you fiverr status badges and also you can add a quoted best client review and link each one in list after your offer

4 - Make multiple price suggestions for all your different packages

5 - And last but not least, be genuine and very honest about your service, people can tell if someone is really wailing to help them or not

Thanks so match!


Thank You very much Sir for providing the important information.


your welcome rumyrumon

  1. Not allowed. You’re supposed to send an offer, which if accepted is a binding contract.

  2. Wrong. Not everyone is looking for a cheap design, or any service for that matter, and I think even budget buyers are still looking for a professional delivery.

  3. Not allowed and not helpful either.

  4. Again you’re sending them an offer based on their request, so you should have a set price for their needs. No need to send different packages.

  5. Being genuine and honest is a good policy for life so I’ll agree with this point but you may want to revise all the others.


its all about to build trust , i knwo most seller send templetes and this is the point here , for the other and 2. and 3 a suggest you must be a bit creative and think out of the box so :slight_smile: thanks for your remarks


Oh well…I tried.

New sellers that eventually come across this post use your best judgement following these tips as not only most of them are not actually allowed, but also not helpful for you nor the buyer.


This one really stands out as the most untrue and shocking thing I’ve heard.

They are looking for professional services even if you only charge $5! And most are not looking for cheap (not sheep :sheep: ) design.


Very nice information

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why do you write cheap like sheep , it was back in a day firverr first solgan " ? using sheeps in cover of the main page" old time fiverr lol

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youa re very welcome kumaresh

Thanks for this helpful information

Thanks for your reply.

@deisgnheros Thanks for information

This is your income, it’s a business. You should act professional all the time. People want professional designs and quality work.


All right, so you’re not a professional. It’s nice of you to admit it.

Speak for yourself, though; just because you’re not a professional designer, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any on Fiverr (or that buyers are not looking for them).


lol i am talking about buyer not my self and do not use the word professional if you do not knwo what it means sorry

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You’re wrong about buyers, many are looking for professionals.

And you’ve insulted the sellers who are professionals.


Informative tips.Thank you

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I think you should research before creating a topic in the tips category.

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Thank you so much for the information… :slightly_smiling_face: