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Buyer request unfair modification

Hi, recently a buyer order my fashion sketch gig for 40$. He give simple description about the job. I reply back what he want me to do to make sure. He doesn’t reply back so I start doing my job as this job has to be delivered in 2 days.
After I delivered the job, he declined my work and request a modification. The reason is because he doesn’t explain the work more specific. But to ‘modify’ this, I have to make it all over again from scratch. I will not do that again without getting paid because I already did my job right.
How do I decline requested modification? If I didn’t deliver the ‘modified’ work, will I lose the money? Please help fast. Thanks.

Open the order and you will see “Resolution Center” on top. There you can cancel the order. If a buyer is unresponsove cancel the order ahead of time. Best of luck!

But if I cancel the order, does it mean I will lose my 40$? cause I have delivered the work. I dont want to lose the money I work hard on.

Thank you for getting my Monday off to a great start.

I dont believe in magic. I dont even think you have the magic room, some kind of crystal ball etc. But why you het 5 star review?
Can you write my username in paper, take a photo with it in your practice room, and send it to me? just to make sure

Yes it means you will lose the $40 if you cancel the order.

Did you get this request in a message? Very strange request :confused:

You’ve got to be kidding. Did she really inbox that to you?

You should charge $40 to do this.

Have you reported her for it?

That’s so weird!


@andysanjaya. Sometimes when you say unfair and unhelpful things to people, you may eventually discover 2 things.

-People may be unfair and unhelpful to you and perhaps it’s because you behave in a negative way to others.

-When you ask for help on a forum like this and helpers find out more about you, they are less inclined to help you.

May things with your buyer work out in whatever way necessary to help you learn about how to treat people.