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Buyer request used for posting offers


Hello friends from Fiverr, what do you thing about the "Buyer Request " sectio used by many seller to promote their services? I use buyer request all the time to bid on contracts , but also I find a lot of seller that are promoting their services(like a request) and it is very annoying. I think Tha Fiverr should try to stop these freelacers.


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Fiverr are trying their best to remove spam from this website. These days, a lot of spammers are trying to post their service on the “Buyers Request” section. But don’t worry they are not getting any sales from this dumb move. They are leading themselves into in a pit of banned accounts.


Hi. the best way to deal with that is you report these people. If you have time, give them a warning to remove the request and if they dont remove it, report them. If you are in a hurry simply ignore them.


There should be a ‘report’ button. I only go on BR every few weeks or so and whenever I do it seems to be filled with sellers. It isn’t good.


@homeestates I am wondering if you can tell me… "why we have a Remove Request option under every offer? Please check out the image below!
Thanks in advance.


Hello, you could tell Customer Support that you think they should do something, as opinions on whether anyone able to do anything actually reads the suggestions here, are varied.


as @miiila said, the best way is to send the screen shots to Customer Support.


They don’t care!!!


It just leaves your view of the ‘Buyer Request’ feed. It doesn’t remove it for everyone.


EEEeeuuuuuUUu, :rage:


This is one of the reasons I don’t use BR any more.



Who send offers to them,bhai? Do buyers use their services via BR section? :eyeglasses:


This is nothing… Worst is when you want to know " how to make biryani" and there are sellers who will send you requests telling you ways “how to climb mount Everest” :expressionless:

P.S I hate this topic… recreating again and again these threads will do nothing. Why even discuss it when we can’t do anything for it.
#just Ignore.

  1. Bots

  2. Sellers who have read that they should send 10 offers every day, and then send them indiscriminately.


The only way they can stop them, for the short-term, is by having users send them screen captures of these rule breakers to Customer Support. Time consuming to say the least yet mind boggling as their are actual buyers looking to post jobs that run into all sorts of problems yet these advertisers don’t run into any issues whatsoever.


True! I’ve brought this up to Fiverr beforehand. I think it should be easier for a Leve 2 seller to place a request than that of a new seller.


They don’t listen to even TRS… Let leave it here.