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Buyer request vs Seller request


Between seller request and buyer request want do you think is better because i do use seller request and get order


let hear your opinion on this


What is seller request?


The search option?


Lol, Is there any such thing as Seller’s request?

I think you meant to say, “I make use of the buyer’s request feature to advertise my services” lol.

I personally think it’s not so cool posting ads about the services you offer on the buyer’s request section. It feel awkward when as a seller, you are scrolling through request, looking whose request you can send an offer to, and then you see a fellow seller advertising his/her own services there.


I totally agree. The buyer requests in now around 20% sellers trying to tout their gigs on there in my categories. I think that there should be a “report” button.


I think this question is nonsense gibberish, as one of these categories does not exist.


I just told the buyer to read my gigs.

And their order on it.
Custom order is actually very complicated and full of problems in it.
Because you are not an expert in it.

1 person will not be possible to understand the willingness of people in the first 100 days

Unless you are a serious buyer airport 1 per day.
That is just absurd


This is really good question.
You get buyers.from Posting your gigs in buyer request section.
Okay i understand and it’s against the rule cause you can’t post your gig on buyer request section.


Only sellers see your buyer request posts. It’s not just against the rules, it’s just terminally stupid and makes people who do it incompetent and brain dead.


If Fiverr can come up with a “report button”, I think it would go a long way reducing lame hungry seller requests in the buyers requests section. What say y’all? lol


It is not really a good question, sorry. It’s a silly question with no merit. She claims to get orders from this “seller request” but if you look at her reviews, she has one good one, one terrible “Unacceptable Experience” review, follow by another bad review.

Then she has a very weird series of 6 reviews from the same person who gave her a bad rating, claiming that she improved and improved. I don’t know which of those sales supposedly came from her “seller request” thing but if not for the repeat orders her rating would be in the tank. I would speculate as to why this one buyer went from terrible to amazing and then kept buying, but my speculation would not be appropriate for the forum.


No, I don’t think so. They already have a “remove” button which I am sure generates a queue of results that could be viewed by a staff member. A report button would do the same, just like the one in the forum. The one in the forum works OK when we aren’t getting hit with bot spam because there are multiple volunteers working on the reports. (Right now they are behind because we had a lot of bot spam until a week ago.)

I don’t think staff reviews the buyer requests very effectively yet and though I hope they will eventually, I don’t think a report button would matter unless they used volunteer or automated report moderation.


I was a victim of ************! I posted a request for an ***************************************

Fiverr needs to check on seller like this as its really making people to lost trust. Never had a problem with other seller.


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Check out the following… I am out to expose this scammer!


You’re also breaking forum rules and posting on a completely irrelevant thread. Contact Customer Support or request a cancellation.


You are right… It’s really awkward