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Buyer request was atually his own business promotion


Today i applied for a job for which buyer was offering a high budget. After few minutes of applying i got message from that person that “Here are the instructions follow them and proceed.” He shared a google drive link. When i opened that link that was actually promotion of his own business. He had a website like fiverr and offered to join that.

I didn’t reply him back. But i felt little heart broken as i was excited that i got a bigger order but it turn out to be spam. I was thinking to report him but i didn’t and now i checked my inbox that message is moved to spam and i couldn’t contact him.

This wouldn’t effect me. Right? I mean i replied him and after that fiverr blocked that person.


It shouldn’t affect you, but I would certainly report the ‘buyer’.

We don’t need scammer types around here.


I think fiverr has took action against that scammer.

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