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Buyer request work be done without placing an order

Is it right for a buyer to request you start a job first, without placing an order? You mentioned to the buyer to place an order then they “suggests” you start the work first and disregard comment about order. The buyer was then told commencing of the job is not possible without an order being placed. Was this wrong?

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What you did is 100% right. Buyers will try to take advantage of you on Fiverr. Make them place an order before you do any work, and always hold your ground. The more you give in, the more they will try to get out of you.


Thank you Jackknite. That is so true, the buyer then proceeded to make me feel bad about my decision, but I held my ground as you stated. I always try to be very reasonable with my potential clients, so I expect the same.

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You can always add that with fiverr TOS that they signed you are allowed to start all orders only after placing an order.

Usually when you bring fiverr rules into the conversation legitimate buyers proceed to place an order and fake ones… well, fake ones will be behaving like your client trying to make you feel bad.

By the way it’s not your decision, that’s how fiverr works and that’s what your client agreed to when he signed fiverr TOS