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Buyer Request writing


How to make a good buyer Request please help me any one.

My gig didn't get any sale yet
Why i am not getting orders please help me
No orders even after applying multiple BR in 10 days
URGENT HELP from experienced sellers

I never send template messages. I usually write short and detailed messages. I introduce myself and provide what i do.


Thank you so much…


You should not save a message and send It to all requests, this way does not make your proposal chosen by sellers.

Your proposal message depends on the request you’re applying, so you should first read the request carefully then write your proposal telling the buyer that you’ve read his request and undrstood what exactly he/she needs, then tell him/her what you’ll do and what time It takes to deliver.

As simple as you drink water :slight_smile:

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Thank you…


Sure, you’re welcome


I reveal my capabilities, skills and sample works to buyers.


how show my work of buyer?


you can take idea from youtube.
But don’t try to copy it.


You can use the google drive. Create a folder, upload your works there, and share the link with buyers. In that way you can show them samples.


How to write buyer request!

First welcome your client with greetings Like ,Hello Hope you are doing good or doing well

  1. Try to explain the things you will do for client according to his provided details in the request.

  2. Add your portfolio

  3. Mention the ( Files Format ) you will provide to the client in the delivery

  4. Mention Delivery Time




This post is helpful. I am still suffering this problem.