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Hi Members,

After I’m Level One Seller, I Can’t Get Sales using Buyer Request.
I’m Send Perfect Offes.
But anyone not Response. ? :thinking::neutral_face:


Give us an example of your offer then we can probably give you tips.


I’m use normal format for offer buyer request.
Before Level 1 Seller My Buyer Request offers Working Perfectly


What’s normal format to you might not be that normal or catchy to buyers… what is the “normal format” ?


1.Introduce who i am.
2.experience to comple


Meet us half way - just copy your last request :slight_smile:


I have sent you a private message :slight_smile:


I’ll go out on a limb and also state that they may have difficulty with the language barrier. Are you just using the same one over and over again or are you customizing it? Are you reading the ENTIRE buyers request, because sometimes they clearly state that if you don’t do a certain thing, they won’t hire you.


Thank you very much. @uncarved


Thank you very much .you are the best


@djwaruna You should read these threads, they tell you everything you need to know on creating attractive and clear offers that can convert to sales :wink:


Really Helpfull threads @Woofy31 :slight_smile:


Maybe if you knew how to use proper English, more buyers will think you were competent enough to do the job.

You can be fantastic at what you do, but if I was looking for a gig and I saw “Are you want Promote your Website or any Link among Millions of Peoples.” I would not hire the person. You are in competition with millions of other users, grammar and spelling are of utmost importance.



Do you capitalize each letter of a Word when you’re sending proposals? If so, don’t do it.
Also, sending proposals doesn’t guarantee sales, perhaps buyers are choosing other sellers or just not interested in your offerings.


@nikavoice. Thank you very much for your valuable advice​:hugs::slight_smile:


Thank you very much @lucycodex


can u tell me please what to write in a request?


I need buyer request templates plz send me .help me


Don’t use Templates.:wink: