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Buyer Request


I want to ask about sending Buyer Request. Would it be charged from Fiverr if i send any Buyer Request?


When you put up a buyer request, sellers can respond to it with their best-fitting Gigs. Fiverr is bad about guessing which Gig it is though, so sellers are likely to respond with whatever Gig shows their work best.

When you select one of those and want to order it, then you will be charged.


Yes, laughingcrow is right. This is a good point!

It is best that you check out all the gigs of a seller whenever after you have placed a request, someone responds. Often the gig that the system selects automatically is not the exact one to suit what you have requested.

This is something to keep in mind and not think that some sellers are just spamming you :slight_smile:

You will be charged the usual charges upon ordering the gig you will select.