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Hey My Name is Noman Ijaz, In the bellow Image of my Gig Overview. The issue is Fiverr Shows me (php, python, java etc etc) Buyer Requests. Can anybody tell about this, what is the problem ?

This is a gig creation page and not the buyer request page.

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Yes I know, I want to show you that, my Gig Overview is about Convert PSD to HTML service. But Fiverr shows me buyers requests about python, php

Hello @okworld, I think because the category of your gig is Programming & Tech with a Subcategory of web programming meaning python and php in the buyer request will be visible to you as well.

@mykejune Can you suggest me ? What should be the category & subcategory of Convert Psd To HTML service ?..

It is actually the same sub category @okworld, maybe now there are no work related with PSD to HTML conversation, keep looking as you refresh on the buyers request section.

Best of luck

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Thank You Mr. @mykejune

You’re welcome @okworld

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