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I create a gig 2 days ago for business card category. In the buyer request section there I see no requests found. Now what to do? Please give me your suggestion.

Reply to @r3k0d3d: Thanks for your comment. Actually i am new here and I don’t know how fiverr works. I want to know why it says that no request found when I click on buyer request button… :frowning:

What exactly are you trying to do? If you created a gig for you services, it won’t show up in the Buyer Request section, if you need or want a gig done you have to go to Requests (New) > Post A Request and follow the wizard (instructions) and then post it, then it should show up on the Buyer Request market, if that’s what you mean? :slight_smile:

@mohammadalamin I’m pretty new myself but the easiest way to find out how it all works is to go to the support page at
For you I’d look at the Buying & Selling on Fiverr articles that will explain why in more depth :slight_smile:

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