Buyer request


Utilize all buyer requests


Thats it


Thanks for that.


I just brushed my dog’s fur.


I have a dog joke. It’s not very good, but here it is anyway:

Q: How does your dog smell?
A: With its nose



I have a not-very-good joke. Here it is:

Q. Did you hear the joke about the bed?
A. It hasn’t been made up yet.

Tip for Sellers: Laughter, even for dumb reasons, helps ease the pain when sales are slow or buyers are difficult.






good for you, now sit back to improve your GiG / skills


He cracked the code!


Don’t eat yellow snow


Could have more minerals in it than regular white snow, though. Not that this would tempt me…


Ever the optimist @emmaki The glass is half full (even if it is urine).


So long as its relatively fresh, otherwise urine for a world of trouble.

No, I won’t apologise for the dreadful pun.


It’s ok, don’t apologize, I understand you are just taking the p***.


Deliver your orders on time.


What if I don’t feel like it?


buyer request is a good option that fiverr provide us to request any buyer.thank you fiverr


No, no, no! NO! NOOOOO!

Buyer Request is where BUYERS make a listing of a job and you apply. DO NOT USE IT TO REQUEST JOBS.



Then cancel the order and request your client to order me.