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Buyer requested a cancellation, I declined. Should I contact CS now or wait?

I recently delivered an order and in response the buyer requested a cancellation. The first delivery they responded with insults about how terrible my posters looked even though I followed their layout and requested color scheme. They demanded I give them a free revision since the first delivery was “terrible.” I give one free revision on my gigs which I use to fix mistakes I made and I let them know that is what the free revision is for and an extra revision is $5. They said okay and said I could send a draft instead so I did send the layouts I was thinking of and where text would be placed. They agreed to that layout. Everything else like the color scheme and fonts they kept changing before I sent the final delivery. Everything I suggested they agreed to. Then the requested cancellation comes in and they say “I don’t like the poster and these are not what we want. We cannot get a free revision anymore.” They also said I was not specialized on posters. I followed everything they asked for and I let them know twice about the free revisions! I suspect they were planning on cancelling the entire time because they were mad I would not give them anything else for free. I declined it pointing out how the posters match their requirements and saying that my portfolio and education is public on my profile. Then I said again that I cannot give any more free revisions than my gig mentions.

Anyways, after typing all that, I’m wondering if I should contact Customer Service to state my side of the story since contacting them was mentioned in the email they sent out about the cancellation. I followed Fiverr’s suggested steps to keeping the buyer happy but I just feel the buyer is just mad they can’t get more than what they paid for. This is the first time I’ve had a cancellation so I don’t know how it works. I don’t know if the buyer happens to contact CS first if I would be contacted about it too. I don’t want CS to force a cancellation without asking about my side of the story.

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This is an issue most of the sellers have.

In my case, I sent all the drafts which were approved by the client, then I sent .mobi and pdf files to them, which they said were excellent and then they demanded for source files. After I gave them source files also, they requested for cancellation and refund without even letting me a chance to do any revision.

I contacted customer support but they were not of much help. It was an year ago, fiverr support was not as good back then. I was a new seller and I did not want to ruin my profile with a 0 star review so I accepted client’s request to cancel and refund. If I would have not refunded his money, I might have got bad reviews.

I would suggest you to talk to customer support about the situation if your client has given you a low rating. If there has been no reaction from the client then I would suggest you to move on and forget about this.

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Okay will do! But would I be able to report the insults they sent me? :eyes:

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You can report if the insults were personal and have bad words. If the insults were of your work then just let it pass. Go and play with friends or spend time with your dog or just punch a punching bag to take it out of you.

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If the first draft was so bad they didnt like it you should have cancelled it then. Obviously something wasnt right. We’ve only heard your side of the story. The way I see it they cant use the work because you havent gotten final approval. Its your first cancellation I say move on . Forget about it.
You say you followed their direction? Did they want something unique? Maybe thats why they dont like your design. But the trust here is broken and irreparable. I say move on chalk it to cost of doing business. .

I explained the situation in a previous thread before the cancellation request and after they demanded another free revision. I was told to not agree to the extra free revision but to keep my cool and try to keep the buyer happy. I assumed it was working considering they were being nice and agreeing to everything I was asking them. This conversation went over several days and lots of detail. The last thing they asked for was a different font and see what looks better on the posters (compared to the one they asked for the revision.) I found that one looked good with the new font but it didn’t work with the other poster. I let them know that and asked if it’s okay to have two different fonts. They told me to go ahead so I did.

No matter when they asked for a second revision the price would still be the extra $5. They’re upset they cannot get another revision for free but I simply cannot give out free work either. I have had buyers in the past pay extra because they didn’t quite like the revision and they didn’t mind paying.