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Buyer requested a job for much less than is stated on my Gig. I politely told him that I would be unable to do the job for that price. Is my account going to be banned?

Hi All,

I’m pretty new to Fiverr, and I wasn’t sure about this.

Recently, I had a buyer reach out to me via chat. He told me about his project, I asked him questions, provided samples of my work…etc. Everything seemed to be going ok until he told me how much he was willing to pay me. On my gig, it clearly states that I will write X words for $X amount. His offer was way under what is stated online.

I messaged him back with a message saying (roughly): Thank you for reaching out to me. As is stated on my gig, I charge $X for X words. I understand that your budget is Y. Unfortunately, we will not be moving forward with this project. Good luck with your search.

Will I be penalized for this? Thank you! :slight_smile:

Why would you be penalized? For rightfully standing your ground and pointing out how much your gig costs? :thinking: Why would you even think that? You did the right thing. :slight_smile:

If sellers were to get penalized for refusing to settle for a lower price than what’s mentioned in their gig, I am pretty sure Fiverr wouldn’t have any sellers as the only thing buyers would need to do (to get sellers penalized) is ask for for a discounted price, which, by the way, happens all the time.


Nope, you won’t get penalized. I just told a buyer how much what he wanted would cost. He was peeved. I told him that was fine and suggested we could work together some time in the future. Then he was rude. /shrug/

His loss.


You did nothing wrong.
Sadly, some nasty buyers will try to get something for way less.
In MANY cases they don’t just read the description at all, or they “play dumb” and pretend
they missed that part in the description, and then try to guilt you into doing extra stuff, especially
if the seller is new, since they know that many new sellers are wanting to get orders and a good review.


I have to decline offers that are below what I state on my gig fairly regularly. I’ve never been penalized for it.


“Play dumb” is so right! We need to see through that feigned innocence. People either know what they are doing or they just assume because they are entitled.


Yup! It’s not worth the hassle.

I usually let them know from jump street, how much XYZ will cost. Haggling me to change my rates is a turn-off, this is not a flea-market. If they can’t pay the rate, go away!!!


The banner thing over your post says you haven’t posted on the forum in 4 years (welcome back!), which would mean you made it through at least 4 years without that kind of thing happening … which would absolutely totally amaze me, it seems so common.
Anyway, as you wrote you’re pretty new, I guess you didn’t use your account in a while and I’d say better get used to wasting quite a bit time with this kind of fruitless conversation or, probably better, make it a habit to make clear what your rate is very soon in a message, there are lots of people who either can’t or don’t read, or ignore, or can’t do basic math.

But, as others already said, no, of course you’re not going to be penalized for telling people your actual rate which is written in your gig and they choose to not read or ignore, no worries. Fiverr might do some weird stuff but they aren’t quite as weird and random as some people seem to like to think. :wink: