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Buyer requested a revision but didn't provide any further information!


I delivered this video a day earlier. The buyer didn’t respond for two days and when it was about to complete he asked for a revision but didn’t leave any information on changes. I asked him and he said "I will get back to you " and he hasn’t replied yet. The meter is showing LATE now. What should I do?


I would suggest that if it’s been a while you get back to him and insist to send you the details since you would like to finish his video. Otherwise if you delivered on time the first time, I don’t think that the LATE meter affects your account after a requested modification.


What if he cancels the order? I think it will put a negative review on the gig. Isn’t it ?


If it’s a mutual cancellation, theres no negative effect.
And as stated above, once delivered the countdown or late value does not have an effect either


As others have said, you don’t need to worry too much about the LATE but I would chase him again wth a polite message telling him you’re ready to work on his revision but you need the information from him. If he doesn’t respond in a reasonable time, redeliver the same file, saying that unfortunately without more information you’re not able to provide a revision.


Thank you for suggestions. I am feeling relieved now.


We would ALSO feel relieved if you could change your post category from “Fiverr Stories” to “Conversations”. :slight_smile: