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Buyer requested a revision without a reason


Today I had vary strange situation.
I’ve delivered the order two days ago and ever since we have exchanged about 20 messages. He asked me to explain what I did and he did some changes on a website on his own, so I had to do additional work to improve his changes and now he has requested a revision with this message:
“I do not want to rush, kindly allow time for me to review. thanks”.

Now my order is running late and there isn’t anything for me to do, except to complain, but I don’t know what to say.


This is only partly helpful to you but there was a post yesterday where the discussion mentioned that once you’ve delivered something on time the first time you don’t get penalised for being late. I don’t know if it’s correct but here’s the link:


Its correct. I have an order that was due 4 days ago in my log.
And as you can see here … 100% on-time status.

Once you turn in an order once BEFORE the buzzer… It never goes late for you.