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Buyer requested cancellation after delivery

A buyer made an order few days ago, without a previous contact.
He filled in the requirements, one of whom quoted “Theme / preferred colors, any example of the style you’d like”, to which he replied: "I let you run wild and trust them to find a suitable style, but they work a lot with red ".
The package he bought was the basic package, which includes 2 social media posts, but in the requirements he gave me content for 4 posts. I then proceeded to inform him that the pack he bought was for 2 posts only, and if he wanted to continue with this package or upgrade to the next package, to which he did not respond.
I then proceeded to work and contacted him again for another question regarding the content, to which he did not reply again, so I proceeded to delivery.
More than 24h hours after I delivered, he then requested the cancellation of the order, stating the issue was “The quality of the work I received was poor”, which I don’t consider to be true, and saying
“I’m not satisfied with the quality of the delivery and so can’t take the pictures. I would like to cancel the order and get my money back!”
So I want to know what you think I should do? since I believe if I do not accept the cancellation he will make a bad review, and I’ve had a 5 * score for a long time and would hate to have this guy ruin it…


It’s always painful that "**

cancel after delivery

**" It’ll be better to accept cancellation. His mind is set up with you negatively.


In my opinion, this type of Buyers should be countered. They make an instant order, without first contacting us, they don’t answer our questions … and at the end they say they want to cancel because they didn’t like it? Neither gave feedback or asked for revision?

If it were me, I would not accept the cancellation, I think you have everything in your favor. If he gives a bad rating it is only out of revenge, but then I think you have credibility in your favor.


Cancel the order.

Accept the consequences.

Learn from it.

Personally, I would NEVER have completed the job without agreement from the Buyer about changing packages.

Don’t be so desperate that you can’t stand up to Buyers who either ignore your messages or bully you into giving them unpaid extras.

You are worth more than a bad review.


you may contact support and state the issue. and ask them to cancel.


Yes I get that… But I did not deliver the upgraded work, I delivered what he paid for…
I get what you mean, but the delivery time was 3 days so I’ve waited for around 2 days and since he didn’t say anything and time was running I got to work and delivered, since after all I did have all info I needed to get the work done… by not completing I would be having a late work and make it even worse for me :neutral_face:
But if I accept the consequences by cancelling wouldn’t I be doing what he wants and he would “win”?

Thing is, support usually takes between 24h to 48h to answer, and I now have about 5 hours left to respond, or it will be automatically cancelled… :neutral_face:

did you tried to talk to buyer? like asking him to redo

I did, no answer but was online… :woman_shrugging:

I decided to not accept the cancellation, because guys like this just can’t keep treating seller this way, making them loose their time without any explanation nor chance to redo. I realized I couldn’t be afraid of a “revenge” review, which would me totally unfair.
So I denied the cancellation and sent this message to buyer:

“Hi J****, I think it’s unfair that you asked to cancel this order and to be refunded. - First of all, when you were asked in the rerquirements what style of design you would like, or any examples for what you had in mind, you replied: “I let you run wild and trust them to find a suitable style” - Secondly, I questioned you about the designs to which you did not reply. - And lastly, I think if you didn’t like the result you could have tried to communicate with me in order to come up with a result you will be happy with. To go into dispute without even asking for a revision in my opinion isn’t the right way. That being said, I hope you can be reasonable enough to value the work, time, creativity and effort I put into delivering this work.”

After I sent this he was online but didn’t say anything and just accepted the delivery.
One week has passed and he hasn’t written any review so far… so I guess maybe I was lucky :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But just wanted to say to anyone facing the same problem, we should not let this guys disrespect our work just because they didn’t like it without giving any other explanation.
Of course I was lucky this time, because he could have not accepted and going into dispute forever or write a bad review… but I think it’s always better to try and bring some good sense from the buyer, by trying to make him understand that we sellers are also humans and took our time to work on their project.

Thanks for all the comments everyone! :slight_smile: