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Buyer requested cancellation without a chance of modification

I just don’t understand why such people are here on fiverr. One of my buyer placed an order yesterday and today when i delivered the gig according to his specifications (he didn’t mention those on order page but in inbox) but he cancelled immediately after receiving the first draft though i offered to change the entire design. He literally humiliated me in inbox.
I’m feeling horrible as it was my first cancellation in last 20 orders. I just don’t understand why he didn’t agree to give it another chance.


I hate to say it, but it’s possible that they were a scammer trying to get work for free.

As for them now having your work, even if it is a rough draft, you might need to bring this up with Customer Support.

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I’m sorry this happened to you. First of all, if Buyers are still writing in the inbox rather than the order chat after the order is open, start by asking them to move there OR copy/paste what they’ve written into the order chat and then continue answering there. Then you’ll have all of the proof in one place.

I’d attempt contacting CS, screenshotting your good track record, showing how you did the order to specifications (and include screenshots of the instructions), and asking them to remove the effects of the cancellation or return your funds. Fiverr TOS clearly states that orders are not eligible to be canceled when done to specifications. Sometimes you have to remind Buyers + CS of that. Best of luck! :blush: