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Buyer requested change to a completed order - status became "late"

Hi all!

I recently delivered a piece of work just before the deadline. The buyer said they wanted some time to check it over.

A day or so later, the buyer made a request for a change to the order. At this point, the initial deadline had passed. Suddenly, the status changed to LATE

Will this affect my stats? How is it possible for it to be “late” when I delivered on time, but the request for a change came after the deadline??

Just as I was typing this, the buyer has requested another change. It has switched to LATE again. What’s the deal??


even if it shows late. Its not gonna effect your stats. If you have revisions in your gig or offer so do them otherwise go for extras or its up to you to do revisions for free.

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That is another thing I need to know about - how many revisions is it normal to perform for free? What happens if we refuse a revision?

If I were to say “any further revisions needs to be purchased as an extra”, could they refuse and then cancel the order altogether?

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If you act professional, never give a free review. Ask for extras or refuse to give a review. They may cancel the order and get the money back. If the buyer is repeat buyer or top buyer you can provide revisions. But if he has no reviews as a buyer in his profile then I would doubt before giving any revisions.
You are supposed to give revisions if they are mentioned in gig or offer.

It’s all in how you phrase it.

“I’m sorry, but you’ve already used your one free revision that came with the order. However, I would be happy to provide another one for $X.”


“I’m sorry, but you’ve already used your one free revision that came with the order. I’m willing to provide one more for free since you’ve [been great at communicating], but any further revisions will cost $X.”

In other words: Stand your ground. Know when to say ‘no’.

I don’t see anything in your gig that defines what a ‘revision’ is. Please see (FAQ) point 1, 2, and 3: Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide

Being able to say “no” has always been an issue for me - in life!

I am concerned if I say no, especially for a big order that took me a few days, they will cancel altogether claiming I did not deliver what they wanted! I’ve heard Fiverr side more on the side of buyers in such cases.

Thank you for the wording suggestions, I will try if it comes to that.

Ah, then for more motivation:


Thank you friend! I will give it a read (:

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Put special attention into reading it. The author of that thread, @gina_riley2, is an extraordinary and wonderful person, and a long-time buyer. :wink:


The comments and replies are worth a skim ,too.

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try to understand your client.
But I think this late notice will not effort on your gig stats becasuse you delivery your project on time. So It’s not your problem.