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Buyer Requested me to extend delivery time

Hi friends, I want to share my today’s incidence.I was about to deliver my order of my trusted client as his order was due today. But then suddenly I got message from my client that due to his religious reasons He can’t take delivery today. He explained me every thing in detail.He had given me 2 Orders and I cannot deny his request.
So, Finally we decided to increase the delivery time. I sent the delivery extension request and He accepted.

I just want to know from you all, will it effect my profile. I have mentioned in delivery extension request page that due to buyer request I am extending the delivery time.

Pls share thoughts on this.


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It shouldn’t - your buyer has agreed with your request, as it was they who asked for it. :slightly_smiling_face:

However, you could have delivered it today when you were ready. Your buyer could then have looked at the delivery when they were ready to (tomorrow?), and then asked for any revisions after that. That way your initial delivery would have been on time, and you wouldn’t be worrying as you are now.

Hope it all works out well for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


The buyer is old trusted client and he fully trust on my Photoshop Skills. I also give him delivery samples in communication without any watermark. He see and give his comments in ongoing project. So He was fully aware that I am going to deliver his project today with no room for revision. He told me his his religious reason and I also belong to same religion So I understood his position.
So, without fearing anything I extend his delivery period.
I had a doubt from fiverr side and your comment clarifies that too.
Thanks for advice merciavideo