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Buyer requested modification with no instructions


So around 4 days back, I delivered an order to a seller. On 25th, he requested a modification and vaguely stated that, “I have a few points of Feedback…”. No other instructions were given. I repeatedly tried to get a clarification on this, but in vain.

What should I do? Its been close to 48 hours since the request and I am stuck with an order that was delivered as promised.


Given that it’s only the 26th here, 48hrs have not passed unless you live in some weird quantum dimension of time and space. A minor quibble…

That said, if the buyer hasn’t responded by the end of Monday, I’d send a ticket to Customer Support to explain that you can’t actually fulfill the request due to an unresponsive and/or incommunicado buyer and request their help.

Thanks for the response. Well on the time aspect, half of the world has passed on into 27th at the moment. All hail the GMT!

True :slight_smile: it has been the 27th here (GMT+2) for just under an hour now!

I would redeliver the same thing with a very tiny modification and say “I hope this is the modification you wanted” since he is clearly playing games.

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We can’t post names of other Fiverr users here so don’t but I have had this exact thing happen to me twice by people ordering writing work. Google small SEO tools plagiarism checker, use it to find out if your buyer has used the work delivered and if so contact CS. If they can’t do anything, send the buyer a cancellation request informing him that since he is not willing to accept your order, you are cancelling it and withdrawing his right to use your work in any capacity. If he doesn’t respond, let the order cancel. Then when it does, contact the website where your writing is being hosted and inform them that you are the materials author, that you have not been paid for it, and that they have no right to use it in any capacity. (Don’t ask for payment as this looks like a scam).

The above won’t help you get paid for the article. However, I understand that people acting as writing and web design companies resell work from Fiverr using this exact, “I need revisions, but won’t tell you what they are” technique. In this case, you will be contacting one of these peoples clients and outing them as a fraud and helping stop it happen to you and others here on Fiverr in the future.

I hope this helps.

Great advice, much needed advice about “Google small SEO tools plagiarism checker, use it to find out if your buyer has used the work delivered…”.

Cancellation is best option when “communication is limited or instructions not clear”, always :smiley:

lol, there’s always time for games.

probably best thing to do is to wait a little bit. Maybe your buyer is on vacation or celebration. There are a lot of holidays during this time. If that doesn’t help then definitely submit a request to fiverr customer service. they’d be more then happy to hep you out.

hope I was helpful.

Enjoy the up coming holidays. We already got a lot of snow here on my side. It’s cool time! :slight_smile:

thanks all

Just deliver again and see what happen.