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Buyer Requested Modification WIthout Providing Any Info

So, a buyer requested a modification and left me hanging with a

Still not finished. Will contact you later today. Sorry….”

It’s been well over 24 hours. Do I just redeliver the order, wait it out, or cancel it?

Is there a set time limit on how long orders can stay in revision and does this affect your stats in any way?

Thanks in advance

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Redeliver the same thing with a note saying you waited for instructions so when he didn’t provide them you had no choice but to deliver it again.

This person is playing games with you so you have to be aware of that. He may use that revision button numerous times. So each time give him an hour or two then redeliver the same thing with the same note.

If he does this more than twice you can notify customer support that you have a client abusing the revision button and are re-delivering each time and simply wanted to alert them to the situation.

When they want a revision they need to tell you what revisions they want or it is considered abusing the revision button. It’s possible he hopes you will cancel the order.

I don’t think it affects your stats.


I am thinking about that. I’ll wait another day (hopefully my stats don’t take a hit; finally at 100% on everything). Are we sure that redelivering the order won’t just get me a warning?

Has anyone ever gotten in touch with support on this?

I had this happen once and re=delivered the same thing about 100 times when he was hoping I would cancel. I kept CS informed of what was going on.

What else can you do but re deliver? You got no instructions, he just hit the revision button for no apparent reason.

Sometimes he would try using the cancel button too but I refused to cancel. He gave up after about 3 weeks.


I had one hanging in revision for 3 weeks 'cause I was left with: “I’m off to a conference, we’ll keep working on this when I’m back”. Haven’t noticed it affecting anything.

Fair enough, I’ll still hold out another day and contact support just in case. Already got a warning a few months back so I ain’t risking it again.

Have you considered redelivering it or are you just waiting it out?

I was traveling and decided not to risk it in case the buyer would start acting funny while I’m on the road. They gave me a specific date, the plan was to wait until then and redeliver if they didn’t show up. They did and the project was finished but I’ve declined to work with them again.


I wouldn’t wait at all even for a second. I would redeliver with a note that he needs to tell me what revisions he wants when he uses the revision button. It’s abuse of you and the button to use it without instructions.

I don’t think there are rules about how long you wait for them to get around to telling you what revisions you want. I think you set your own rules and my rule is they need to tell me what revisions they want at the time they ask for a revision, or let the order complete.

After all, they are given three days before the order completes to check it and decide what revisions they want.

If they have the nerve to use the revision button improperly I have the nerve to redeliver the same thing.


There’s no set time, but several sellers have mentioned that a problem appears if it’s in revision for a month or more: it becomes impossible for the order to auto-complete after you deliver it (as in, the buyer has to show up and mark it as complete, otherwise it stays marked as delivered forever).


Well that’s concerning. Since the buyer didn’t provide any info on what the modifications should be I should just redeliver then?

It’s important to realise that the buyer might have their reasons for doing this. I see this as being caused by Fiverr’s “last-minute” reminder to buyers when an order is about to autocomplete. This tells them that changes can’t be requested after that time.

Given that it’s thanksgiving time in the US, if the client is from there I’d probably cut them a bit of slack rather than assuming the worst of them to be honest.

Yes, none of these things are your issue but at the same time, I sometimes see these as being part and parcel of dealing with the general public. Decide how you want to deal with it based on your feeling about the client but my suggestion would be to wait til tomorrow evening, US time and then redeliver with a message saying that you are redelivering as you haven’t heard anything from them.

I’ve done this on a number of occasions and it sometimes just gets accepted or autocompletes - it may also give them a kick in the hass (type of avocado) to get a move on with their request.


Why wait at all? They still have three days before it auto completes anyway. I think it’s rude and inconsiderate what he did to you. He didn’t even give a reason or a time for when he would let you know what he wanted.

Anyone would expect that if he sees something he wants changed he would simply tell you what it is. Who uses the revision button but can’t be bothered to say why?

He said he would contact you later today and it’s been 24 hours. He is beyond his time limit.

I dunno, I think sometimes sellers think about their work being far more important to buyers than it probably is in a way.
People have different priorities too, especially around the holidays. I know we are required to be robotic about deliveries and communication but buyers aren’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I find it irritating too but it’s hardly a massive deal if it’s delayed a day or two.

Both of you make some solid points but given it is Thanksgiving (completely slipped out of my mind) I see no harm in waiting another day or two.

But it is surprising that after well over 3k orders there are still some ways Fiverr can still mildly annoy me. You’d think that you’ve seen it all after like 4 years but nope there’s still more.


Let’s be honest, though, it’s not like this ever stopped anyone. They go straight to the inbox, entitled as ever, and the work continues.


Really helpful information. Thanks

Is this really as commonplace as that?
I have had something like that once or twice but usually from repeat clients where it’s more of a question than a request/demand.

Am I just lucky with buyers?

Orders autocompleting is pretty rare for me these days but if they do, there is a high chance of person coming back to fix something, yeah.