Buyer Requested Revision and not responding



I have an issue with a buyer you ordered my service and after I deliver the exact output, he requested the revision saying ‘‘make something more creative and color full’’ even though I completed his project exactly as per his instructions.
I told him that I delivered exactly as he asked for and now the buyer is not responding. I wrote the issue to customer support but haven’t got any reply from them as well.
Now the order is pending and marked as LATE
Can someone Please help me with this situation.


Redeliver your original file along with the explanation you’ve already given - it should stop the clock until it’s all worked out.


Do as @offlinehelpers told you. You can also go to Resolution center and ask for more days or more information. That way the clock will stop.


If I go to Resolution center. What can happen if he is still unactive


The order will be stopped until he is online again and respond to your dispute. He will provide you information for the revision and will increase the days for you to work on it.


Thanks :slight_smile:


No problem… :slight_smile:


I was wondering what happened to the order timer if you requested extra days so thanks for this info. What happens if the buyer then denies the request for extra days?


Then you can’t do anything in that situation then. May be ask support to help. Or you should have a conversation with him before going to the resolution centre so that he accepts it.


Once you deliver it on time, your “Delivered on time” won’t change. A buyer can’t force cancel it for “LATE” now. One of my buyers once asked for revision and didn’t leave any instructions for 17 days.
Yes, It does show LATE but that doesn’t exactly mean you are late.
CS reply will be : Try to work out with your buyer.


I realize this isn’t likely to happen often but what if a buyer didn’t leave instructions for a very long time (say, a month or more) and they stopped responding?


The order timer only stops when you had made a cancellation dispute, otherwise, the timer clock won’t stop with More information / Time required disputes.

But keep this in mind that the Dispute will be automatically rejected if the buyer doesnot responds to it for 3 days. (Or 2 days now, errr… can’t recall properly :smiley: )


So should I withdraw the dispute?


If the dispute gets automatically gets rejected. Does it count as Cancellation and affect our rating.


Nope its not related with that. Its a resolution center and there you go when you had problems with order. You can select the one that suits to your situation like " Other" , ask for more days, and send it. The dispute is open and he will accept it if he agrees.

I did it a minute ago. My buyer requested modification and he said he will send the modified voice over soon. It took him some days and when he sent it, I had only one day left. I increased it to 6 days through this.


Don’t know what you meant but suppose if you have 6 hours left on the timer and you uses the resolution centre selecting anything other than the “request buyer to cancel this order” the timer will continue counting down and will not stop. But if you uses the “request buyer to cancel this order”, then the timer will stop.

I stated this because, suppose you are going to be late on an order and you use these disputes, the timer will not stop and you may go late on the order. (Unless the buyer accept your dispute before this and gives you extra time)


Unless it is a Cancellation dispute, No. Other types of disputes won’t result in cancellation when they are automatically rejected.


Fiverr doesn’t allow more than 30 days for any job but I really don’t know about this scenario after a revision is filed. My buyer eventually left some instructions on 18th day and asked for a mutual cancellation on 25th day.


Then you haven’t used it. Whenever you open up a dispute, the clock stops ticking immediately, whether its accepted or not. If he decline it, the order starts again from where it was stopped. If he accept it, then the time refreshes to the new delivery date.


Really? I haven’t seen anything like that on any of the disputes I had sent before. But I am not sure as I had not used it since a few days and things could have changed…

I would perhaps bump this thread, the next time I use it. :sunglasses:
Or perhaps a 3rd opinion will be better; @miiila @writer99025 @catwriter what are your opinions?


I’ve never requested delivery time extension, so I have no idea what would happen if I did.

I’ve only used the Resolution Center to request cancellations; the clock stopped on the page, but if the buyer refused to accept the cancellation, it would turn out that the clock was actually still ticking, it just didn’t show on the order page. I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to work, or if it was a bug.