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Buyer Requested Revision and not responding


Same as catwriter. …


Yes it stops. If the buyer accepts then the time is extended, if he rejects the clocks resumes again. I used it even an hour ago.


One of my buyers told me they had a revision request open with another seller for several months.


Wow!!! one single order down in dashboard for months.
i hope it wasn’t a $5 order. :smiley:


I never let the revision requests stay open for that long. I politely ask for revision instructions once or twice, and if I don’t receive them, I either redeliver the same thing (with an explanation that I have to deliver something after they request a revision, and that they haven’t answered any of my questions), or initiate the cancellation (possibly with the polite message that they should feel free to order again once they had all the necessary information).


@saddu_writer, I had just opened a dispute on one of my orders now for increasing the price and asking for extra time. But the clock didn’t stop as you were saying.



@taverr I did it yesterday and as you said, the clock didnt stop. I asked CS and they replied that its an update.


Hi @arcsolutions,

You can re-deliver your order with these facts:

  1. Explain politely that you’ve done everything based on his initial requirement. That’s why you marking the order as delivered. Further, inform him that the order is in Late status now & he can message you edits/inquiries without sending those as a Revision request.

  2. Since he is expecting “more creative & color full” work: Ask his preferences, ideas. Ask him about the areas(of the delivered work) that he thinks which need to be more creative. Tell him to send you a sample work that he likes, so you can get a better idea about his requirement. We can later decide whether to do those edits or not. At this time what we need to do is to stop the clock.

The consequences:
a). If he didn’t reply you: after 3 days order will be marked as completed.

b). If he replies with his edits, see whether it’s fair enough to do those modifications for the same price. If you feel that you can modify the work, then you can do it. But if you feel that those edits needs an additional payment let him know your price & additional time using the Resolve Now option.

c). If he disputes the additional payment, then you should decide whether to do the edits for the same price or to cancel the order. If I have done my job 100% according to buyers requirement & if I’m sure that is the best anyone can do with that work, I will not give him a refund. If he leaves a negative review I will contact CS & try to get it removed. But I can’t tell you to do that without knowing your entire case because I don’t know how buyer will act or how CS will respond. Remember now the order is in Late status, buyer can cancel the order at any time. But as you have already contacted the CS, hope this process will be more easier.

Long story short: Let’s mark the order as delivered & then wait for his response. Upon his response you can decide what is the best thing to do. Let us know what happen okay. :slight_smile: