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Buyer "Requested Revisions" without requesting any


I delivered a project a few days before deadline. Since then I’ve had a few messages with the buyer and he has praised the work. He asked me to do something which wasn’t in the oridinal deal, so i politely refused.

When the completion date arrived he “Requested Revisions” and his exact words are “I am in the process of building and reviewing the output files… this is taking a little time. No action item for now. Revision order is just to avoid untimely contract automatic ends. Thanks.”

while in the chat he has clearly said things that show he has already reviewed everything (why else would he say good work, everything looks fine etc). He has done this just as a subtle way to blackmail me into doing the extra work he asked for.

To make it worse this order is showing up as LATE in my profile now. What am i to do?

How is a buyer even allowed to “Request Revisions” without requesting any revisions?


To be honest I’m not sure that the best thing to do here is, but
maybe you can message him saying “I’m sorry, but I believe my work is done for now, and
I need to mark this order as completed. Feel free to message me later if you need help,”
and just resend the same file?


Fiverr support are always there for us !

I think in this situation I would’ve said something like this:

It’s against TOS to request a revision without a revision to stop the timer however I will be flexible and as an exception I’ll wait 2 more days to give you time to review everything properly. However if I wouldn’t hear back from you in 2 days I will have to redeliver as my has been done here and you can always reach out to me even if the order is completed to finish revisions that are included in the order.


so basically you guys are saying i’m helpless in this situation.

I’ve always felt Fiverr is heavily biased in favour of buyers and this seems like another such case.

By the way, since i posted this the buyer has asked for another additional task as well. I again politely asked him to open a new order for further work as current order is complete from my side.

No one said that.
Like any business it’s up to you and your communication skills to say no. People always will try to get a free stuff from you and not only on fiverr.
You later on can rate your experience with a buyer and leave your honest review.

Or what kind of protection do you want from fiverr? For them to complete the order just because you don’t want to say no to your client?
And as wrote before it’s against TOS to request a revision without actual requirements :woman_shrugging: I’m not sure if you ignored that part part on purpose just to jump to the conclusion that you are helpless here.

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There should be a penalty for this. There is a certain percentage of buyers who think it’s completely within their rights to behave this way and it annoys me to no end. I had someone requesting a revision going: “I’m off to a conference, we’ll get back to working on this in 3 weeks, bye”. What.

I’d take a screenshot and contact CS and ask them permission to redeliver the files with a short and polite message of “I’ll be happy to assist with revisions when you have any”.

I’m not even sure that you need to contact CS in this case but I’d do that just to be safe.


Couldn’t agree more. We’ve got a buyer right now who has requested a revision, saying “we’ll need changes at some point soon, hopefully within 2 weeks but could be a month.” It’s been 2 weeks, we messaged yesterday for an ETA, and whilst they’ve read our message, they’ve ignored it.

The only reason we’re leaving it is it’s a low-value order, and when they originally asked for a quote they asked us to double the quote value so a revision could be included in the original order, so we’re a bit stuck.

I actually looked for this a little while ago, because I’d always assumed this behaviour (unfairly extending the order duration) was against the TOS, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Using revisions to extort extra services is there, but unfairly extending an order duration isn’t. So in theory, so long as a buyer claims they will be wanting an actual revision at some point (as opposed to entirely new work), they’re under no obligation to ask for it quickly.

Definitely feels like something needs to be added to the TOS to protect sellers here.

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Hmmm. I’ll redact my comment just in case. You definitely don’t want to make false statements about terms of service to your buyer. I’ll ask CS about it next time the blank revision comes in.

You’d assume a blank revision would be considered an attempt to game the system just like a blank delivery would but that’d be also assuming that buyers and sellers are treated the same which they aren’t.

We did have a case recently when the order got “stuck” after hanging in revision for too long, though, and CS told the person they could either continue messaging the buyer forever for them to close the order or request a cancelation and that’s it. So waiting for weeks and weeks might be not a good idea also.


That’s really appalling, and I’m assuming fits under the “we can’t force a buyer to accept an order” reply that I hear all too often from CS… But they can force a seller to accept a cancellation! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sorry, it’s clear I’ve not had coffee yet…

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so, he “requested revisions” a second time without telling what needs revising. I sent the same project folder as delivery.

He again asked me to do more work. I refused again.

So now he says the work i delivered is full of errors and issues, to which i sent him video proofs of everything working perfectly. I think now his plan is to simply wait till the time is up and leave me a bad review as ‘revenge’

and you know how badly that hurts. what am i to do now?

PS. support has been of no help. they say “we can’t force someone to accept the order”

Final update:

So, I did report the buyer and contact customer support. I didn’t get very comforting replies from customer support but they did say they will look into it.

This time around the buyer did not “Request Revisions” so the project got marked as complete. Then he contacted me to do some work on the same project (free of cost). I did not respond to that.

Incidentally, the buyer let slip that he had given work to an old colleague of mine (i found out when i saw messages while i was working on buyer’s computer via teamviewer). i gave him a call and this guy told me that the buyer was acting even worse with him and so he reported the buyer as well.

and today when I checked, the buyer’s profile is gone. Banned apparently. If this was done on my complaint, or similar complaints against the buyer then kudos to the support team.

I’m glad my account was protected from project cancellation, and unfair review and i also got rid of a highly annoying and cheating buyer.

I hope now you finally stoped panicking and changed your opinion about being totally helpless and that “fiverr always biased in favour of buyers”

my first few experiences were like that… I once got a project cancelled after buyer took all source files, requested revisions, made me help upload his game to playstore etc and then he contacted support to say he was not satisfied with the work. he is using my work to this day, but i never got paid… and I’ve heard similar from a few buyers.

but yes, my opinion is somewhat changed.

Also, i think it’s normal to panic when you’re giving your best to make something work and things start going downhill due to no fault of yours. But i guess you wouldn’t know because you are not aware of my situation, so i don’t blame you.

Thanks for your replies though. they did help.