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Buyer requested to cancel order before expiration

The last night, A buyer placed an order in my offer regarding her buyer request.
Though, I said to contact me before placing an order. But, She placed the order without notifying me of providing instructions.

My offer contains 2 day’s delivery. So, I’m okay to work. I planned to start work after 8 hours because I have 2 days.

But, after 5 hours she came back in my chat. And say, she completed the work by own.

I’m very upset with her. What she has done. If she has planned to work on her own why she ordered me!

My order completion rate has gone down. 100% to 86%.

(She disputed the order then I request her to send it by myself.
Then she cancels the dispute then I request a cancellation she received )

-Can you please suggest to me how to face a situation like this if happened next.


Send an email to CS (, tell them she ordered and then changed her mind after 5 hours and cancelled, so it should be considered an order by mistake. Ask them politely if they can please reset your stats.

It can work or not, but you have nothing to lose.


Okay, Thank you. I’m trying.