Buyer Requested to change the order


I have delivered the order to a buyer.
A buyer requested for revision. I have done it too. Know he requested to change the order.
What will I do?
Need your suggestion.


Communicate with your Buyer to ask what’s the issue. Ask the Buyer to compile a list… Save yourself :watch: time from revising over & over again. If the Buyer is asking for stuff outside the scope of your gig; then that’s a whole 'nother story.


Do I reject the change?


I always try my best to work through it with a client—even if it requires a bit of headache on my end. If this happens a lot, you may want to consider altering your gig a bit to reflect exactly what you’re willing to do for the price. For example, you could say that the gig includes 2 revisions and offer the option to upgrade to more. And finally, if it becomes completely unreasonable, take the loss. Sometimes, there’s just no pleasing a client and I’ve had to just offer their money back rather than continue going back and forth when other clients are waiting for their work to be completed.