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Buyer requested to refund


Buyer has send a request to refund:pensive:.What should i do now?:sob::sob:


You need to elaborate further… What did you deliver to the buyer?? What was his complain?!
Did you truly deliver what he ordered for?? Why does he feel that he needs a refund ???


Yes. I have done according his desire. His ecpectation was high but budget was low.


Umm what do you even mean by that?? How is budget is an issue after starting an order? First you both accepst to continue by choosing the specific budget for the project then an orders start (exception of a direct order).


You need to reject the cancelation if you truly did what he ordered… You need to make him understand you deserve to get paid, if his expectations were high at the first place, did you agree to do all the expectations?

An order is just like an agreed contract… If his expectations was high and you agreed to it, believe me he has the right to cancel the order .


That was my fault.I should not run with low budget.Now, I am suffering.My completion rate have down at 50%


Thank you. I have understand what was my fault actually


Its my pleasure… We keep learning every blessed day…if you already acknowledge your fault… Cancel the order and move on…that’s not the end of life… Better sales ahead