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Buyer Requesting Contact Outside of Fiverr

Hello. I am very new to Fiverr, created a Gig last week hat honestly needs work to hone it for Data Entry. I received a request for my services stating that I should contact a HR Manager through Google Hangouts to discuss the job. Is this normal? It seemed a little sketchy to me.

Nevermind!!! I found the “Best Practices” information indicating all communication should be kept on Fiverr. I will request the Buyer to do so.


It’s a known scam.

It’s a good idea to tell that to the buyer, mostly so that your response rate doesn’t suffer. The buyer’s message will probably get removed soon, or marked as spam.

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Just in case, report the user :wink:


Don’t agree to this, fiverr might ban your account

Never contact buyers outside of Fiverr and also don’t share your personal information with them.

She said never mind!!!

Fiverr is the place for talented freelance works. this is the path for success. why should we reach customers from outside? why we loosing such a great platform like this. please don’t do it my fellers. work hard and patient and get success. cheers!

I appreciate everyone’s responses!!! I messaged back indicating to continue to use Fiverr to communicate and they actually got pretty aggressive/threatening so based on that and all of your comments, feel safe in knowing I didn’t miss out on a legitimate/rewarding project!

It’s also for your protection. Fiverr can’t protect you from activity off the site.