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Buyer requesting edit for topless photos

Hey !

A buyer requested a photo editing service for underwear kind of photos and topless but I’m very unsure about the topless ones because in the TOS it says that obscene photos will result in a seller remove. Are they illegal? What should I do? Also the buyer looks fishy, he doesn’t have a photo and the account was created this year. Thanks!


Art is allowed but pictures that are Adult Fun in nature are not allowed. How to draw the line, gets hard (excusing any possible misinterpretation of that :open_mouth: ).

You can:

  • play it totally safe and decline the job altogether,
  • ask CS bearing in mind that this can take a while so you may need to warn the customer the job could be on hold for a while (weeks even if CS are slow),
  • live in hope and just do it. I would only take this option if the works were clearly Art (probably incl a legit swimwear brand) and not “too exciting”.



I’d love to think this applied but when I wished to decline a pornographic book edit, both Fiverr CS and my success manager strongly urged me to do it!

If it is not a TOS violation then Fiverr would always urge you to do the job as to them it makes the customer journey easier. At least on the surface anyway.

Unless you say in you gig you are down with the dirty, I would think it just good sense for a buyer for check first that you will perchance be pleased with the perils of their purvey project.

What decision did you make and how did that go (if I may be so bold as to ask)?


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It was a really odd situation! I was well into the edit and it had been described to me as a ‘Young Adult’ book–which of course means no explicit content. All was going well until I was about halfway–no red flags that far–and then all kinds of graphic, violent r*pe scenes emerged–in which teens were involved (violence against teens).

I stopped the edit, wrote to both CS and my success manager, and explained the issue and that it was against Fiverr TOS and Amazon TOS.

I was urged to complete it ‘as long as you are happy to go ahead’. I was quite horrified and I did not do the work from then on.

I cancelled, lost the revenue and of course, had my completion rate adversely affected. I was quite dumbfounded but there was no way I would have completed that edit. It was not that I was closed minded since the reverse is true–I consider myself unable to be offended and take on work most eds decline–but for a YA book and with under-age characters, no way. That’s one route to a bad reputation.

I had even had a lengthy dialogue with the client before I contacted CS and I had explained I’d complete it if it were not involving teens and not FOR the underage market, and would she mind if I tweaked it accordingly? The buyer could not see a problem with it staying as she had written it ‘because there’s loads of stuff like this on Amazon’.

That was when I asked for CS to intervene and got nowhere. The buyer placed it with another Fiverr ed! I lost over $3,500.


Oh bummer.

That is one of those clueless customer concerns where because they thought it ok, they blindly assumed it was ok for everyone and everywhere. Not alerting you earlier that it got a bit edgy was their failing. Sorry it fell on you. CS should be more accepting of the cancellation. fair enough you forgo the money but the loss of status for a customer failing. Tut tut.

I will take most things except things that support tyranny whether personal or political. I don’t edit books but music can be broad and many musos are raving Socialists. I will admit that some things take a bit to find the comfy spot. I just had work with a God Rocker and their last one was a bit unsettling. Not wrong, just hard to work out how to make it universal rather then one-eyed. Rappers can be very hard to work for as it is all pointless profanity and vile one-upmanship with no redeeming virtue. Where possible I move right on - they are awful thieves much of the time anyway so no joy in spending 4-6 hours listening to their puerile prose for $12.


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I accepted the job but without the topless ones. Looks like it was only with a swimsuit, I don’t think that breaks any rules so I will be good. :sweat_smile:

If there was pornographic with under-aged teens shouldn’t be this a police case
? Like for pedophilia…