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Buyer requesting for my email

A buyer just asked me for my email to send images because it wasnt sensing through the fiverr platform
And i replied instantly that
I was against the rules.

I hope my account won’t be blocked for this ?

Don’t worry, you did the right thing.


Thank you very much. I really appreciate your reply

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Tell him politely to try from another browser. Or tell him to upload them to a random cloud services. I don’t want to advertise but a simple Google query and you’ll find at least 5 free cloud storages. Send him the link. Even a child can do that. :call_me_hand: I mean, he can’t say no, because even a child can upload to the cloud. Or if he can’t, is from the older generations, help him go through the steps. Takes 5 mins. If he refuses, that’d be weird and I will be cautious.

You did the right thing and these happens time to time. I usually send zip file plus i also upload to wetransfer and send that link so he can download or forward to anyone he wants.