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Buyer requesting for revision after two months

Hi everyone!

I have gone through many forum posts but couldn’t find one exactly addressing my problem.

So I have done an order worth $200 for a client two months ago. After delivering, she took a fair bit of time to go through the things. Then she accepted the delivery with a 5 star rating.

Now she is messaging me saying that I have done a part of the project wrong and she needs a revision. The order did NOT comprise of unlimited revisions. She’s the kind of client who probably won’t pay again for a revision.

It was a very tedious project and I cannot just go through the whole process again just to satisfy someone for the sake of it.

My question is, can she contact CS and get a whole refund, even after the two weeks have passed? Do I HAVE to suck it up and do the revision for free?

Thank you!

Do you stated unlimited revision in your gig ? Or else

Tell the buyer that if they will revision, they need to pay. And PLEASE don’t block the buyer, fiverr support May cancel your order if you block the buyer

If the error is not difficult , I will do it for free , to prevent any surprised cancellation.

But if the Support happened to cancel your order, you can tell them that the buyer had checked the work and approved the order 2 month ago, and now they return and want me to do extra work for free.

It was a custom offer. I did not state unlimited revision.

I’ll be sure to not block them.

I hope the CS will side with me if such a thing happens!

Thank you for the response!