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Buyer Requesting Modification to Avoid Completion

Hi there

I have come across a new issue with buyers and wondered if I was alone or if anyone else had experienced it before.

Several times now, as soon as I have delivered an order, the buyer has requested a modification. When I ask them for their instructions for the modification I’m told that they don’t have any yet but that they have requested a modification “just in case” and to prevent the order from being completed.

This doesn’t seem fair to me. As a seller, if we were to deliver an empty file then you would get a warning - it’s against the terms of use. So, this seems like a very similar trick and doesn’t seem right. Is this something that I should report to Fiverr?

Thanks for your insights.


You know what that sounds like? It may be that this “buyer” is also a “seller” and reselling the work you do. They need to hold the order “hostage” in a way so that they can deliver the order to “their” client and make sure that the client does not have revisions that they want done. Think of it as they are “buying time” for any snafus that may arise between them and their buyer. If they were to close the order or mark it complete it takes away their ability to come back to you and ask for revisions.

Reselling of services is not against the rules here, I think it is done quite a bit - especially if you are new and still charging a lower price to get your foot in the door and ratings. So, reporting them may not do much good. Fiverr would probably tell you to “work it out with your client” or that the client has this option available to them. Is it right? Probably not. Have you checked to see if they are a seller in your category?
Even if they are not, they may be reselling your product on another freelancing site.



Honestly they’re really misusing the revision request function here.

I would immediately re-deliver the project and explain to them that they may not request a revision unless they actually need changes to the order at that moment.

It may also be worth putting a short notice in your requirements section or somewhere in your gig description explaining exactly what revision requests are for.


I imagine that 90% of my business comes from resellers, so it’s not unusual for me to hear “I need to check with my client” from them. And I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m happy to deal with people in messaging after completion if necessary.

But this holding a delivery as a hostage “just in case” is a new one on me and, yes, seems like a real abuse of the system :frowning:


Yeah, that’s bogus. I usually come back with, “I have completed the work for you, not your client”. It’s ok for them to resell the work as part of their package, but they really need to be mindful of the fact that you don’t work for their client - they do!


A client once told me that she requested a modification although she hadn’t gone through the delivered work. This order of course began to read #late which affected my overall performance. It’s really exhausting seeing that buyers are always priority here even when they are being unreasonable. Let’s hope the good buyers come along more often.

@vicvera450 - if you’ve delivered on time, modification requests don’t affect your stats. I know that #late notice appears on the right hand side, but that’s to do with the modification, not the delivery.

@dolly_donut - as @gwyneth_galvin suggests, redeliver … and as a precaution contact CS, let them know what’s going on, take screenshots of the conversation and attach them. CS can’t autocomplete … but they will support you and may prevent cancellation.

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I know about that. I delivered on time. But then the buyer requested a revision, the second one, if I may add, which made the order to go to #late
My point is, some buyers do a whole lot just because they know CS would most often have their back. Most times, it’s their words against yours. All the best.

The #late notification after delivery doesn’t affect your stats. It’s not that you’ve delivered late, but that the buyer is late responding. Look at your stats and note that they haven’t been affected by that particular on time delivery. Yes it’s confusing.

CS does their best to support buyers when they are in the right.

Unless commercial rights have been purchased, it’s not.

According to the TOS copyright and IP remains with the seller until the order is paid for ie. marks the order as complete.

By sending the work to a third party, the order should be defaulted to ‘accepted’.

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We’ve had this happen a couple of times. We’ve recently moved into video creation, and a couple of weeks ago had a buyer who was buying our video on behalf of their client (they were very up-front about it, and we didn’t mind). We delivered the final draft of the video on a Tuesday evening, meaning that the order should have auto-completed on the Friday evening. Around 4:30pm on the Friday, the buyer put the order into revision, saying “I can’t get hold of my client to approve the video, so I can’t let this order complete yet, sorry.” On top of that, it was a bank holiday, so it then stayed open 4 additional days.

It was super-frustrating, especially as we felt we were between a rock and a hard place. There was a time where I would have simply re-delivered the exact same order, but I’ve noticed that the TOS say this is against the rules, so chances are we’d get a strike against us.

Also, I was convinced that using the revision button to extend an order deadline was against the TOS… But I looked for it the other day and couldn’t find any mention of it. It’s against the rules to use the revision button to extort additional work, but nothing about extending the deadline.

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Maybe I’m a jerk, but I think I would have still just re-delivered in this scenario, even though they were up front about it being for a client. You haven’t mishandled your time, either they have or their client has. That’s not your fault.

Wait, what?? So… there’s no rule about misusing the revision request, but there IS a rule about re-delivering an order when a buyer misuses it? wtf

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> “Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the Seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the Seller at the beginning of the order process.”

This is from the ToS page. It says pretty clearly what you’re allowed to use it for… surely using it just to extend the time is breaking this rule? Or has Fiverr come down on this the other way and I’m just not seeing it?

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I would have re-delivered this in all honesty.