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Buyer requesting refund after getting promised work!

Dear Fellows,

A buyer fantastic56 reached me and had a long conversation asking for discount and several offers, then he said another person will order it, then that another person richard080 also continued to ask for more discounts and then said another person will order it. Then came horpeyemie he placed the order. After I delivered the product in submission box, richard080 again came asking for delivery in inbox but I declined as I had already delivered in submission box, and then horpeyemie requested to cancel order and refund the money and he has never ever replied to my messages.

This buyer “horpeyemie” also has a review saying he is a fake.

I have requested Customer Support to help me, would they help? because it’s unfair as I had delivered the promised work.

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In Fiverr .Both Buyer and Sellers are important for community so if you clearly explain the situation with some screenshots Iam sure you will get justice similar thing happened to me once i was asked to edit 2 photos for trial and he didnot buy my gig he said he loved my work but changed his mind .my mistake was i sent him retouched photos without watermark.But in your case its different.You will get justice now due to lockdown your support might be delayed but trust me Fiverr will be fair to you if what you said is genuine

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If you give proper reason for this happening with screenshots, i think support team will help you.


Customer Support helped me alot, I’m really happy to announce this issue is resolved!