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Buyer Requesting Revision Not In Scope Of Original Order

I have a gig where I told I buyer(custom offer) I would search to determine if their items infringe any pre-existing patents, and I would answer an IP-related question. I did the work and now the buyer is requested a modification that I redesign the item so it doesn’t infringe the patent. This obviously isn’t included in the original order and so I told them that, but I offered to do that for an additional $25(very simple item). They stopped responding so I sent a message saying customer satisfaction is my priority blah blah blah I’ll do it for less, and they’ve been online and it’s been several hours, but they are ignoring the message. What do I do?


When a buyer wants an extra to an order, make them a new offer.

In this particular instance, your buyer has moved on … and so should you. It happens, it’s disappointing, but there are many more buyers out there with more … patience.


Ok thanks, I ended up just doing the work for free hoping to earn a good rating. (I am new to Fiverr)