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Buyer requesting that I cancel the order without giving me a chance to modify it?

Hello! I have an order for $15 that included my basic Gig for a print ad, as well as a high-res PDF. The buyer asked me to copy an ad directly, but in a different size than what his original size is. I did the work to his exact specifications he sent for the new size, including the ad bleed allowance. I delivered the order to the client. I didn’t hear back from him until two days later when he sends me a ‘request for modification’ and only says that he needs me to cancel the order and refund his money because his printer says the ad was not created with a bleed and so they can’t use it.

I just went and checked the file and the bleed is there and is 100% correct. So I’m not sure what to do. I have a Level 2 rating that I don’t want to lose, and a 100% 5-star ratings that I don’t want to screw up. And something seemed a bit fishy about this buyer from the get-go, including his lack of response after the initial order was placed.

Has anyone been in this situation? Do I cancel the order and risk messing up my rating and/or Level status? Or do I redeliver the correct files again and tell him that I’ve done everything correctly to fulfill this order, and then see what happens?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Sheriff’s Note: This type of question is asked often, so your post will be moved to Fiverr FAQ where it fits better.

I would refund. It is not worth the hassle and potential negative feedback. I know it’s painful and I wouldn’t take it personally. My returns after the work is completed is about 1.5 percent. For ever dollar I make I return 1.5 cents. It still hurts, you put time into it, but it’s not personal. If you find it happening often, then I would check issues with quality. You also could send a generic test file to them as a sample for them to make sure everything technical is right before you begin a job.

Thank you for your advice, Landongrace. Perhaps I am taking it personal. :slight_smile: I can’t help but wonder if he’s just taking the ad and running away with his money, since he was a bit of a red flag from the get-go. But you’re right…it’s certainly not worth losing my ratings and level for.

It doesn’t make sense to me, though, why a buyer would not give the seller the chance to rectify the situation/problem, since the money, time and work has already been used, but would instead spend more money to have another designer do the same thing? Maybe that’s why the situation seems a bit odd. Or maybe I’m too new to Fiverr to understand how people work on here, and maybe hopping from one designer to the next is the norm?

Anyways, thank you for your comment. I appreciate it!!

I agree, I would also cancel. Every now and than you will find yourself in those type of situations, as said not worth the hassle ;). Don’t take it personal, happens to everybody!

Thank you! Makes me mad though. I don’t feel like this buyer was completely honest. I have a feeling they’re just taking the money and the ad and running. I wish you could flag buyers so if there’s a pattern of them doing that, Fiverr will see it and shut them out.

Oh well. Thank you for the support with your comments! :slight_smile:

fonthaunt said: Let them know that since are are giving them a refund, you retain the rights to the work and can use it yourself for advertising or modify it for another buyer to resell. I've had 2 buyers change their mind about a refund once they realize I was going to keep the copyright.
This is hugely important. You're telling them that they CANNOT use the work. I'm glad this was mentioned, it's something plenty of sellers never think about.

A scammy buyer will most likely still use it - especially in this instance, where you were basically re-sizing their original - but it can be a good leveraging tool. Keep it in mind; you’ll no doubt be needing the info again if you keep selling on Fiverr. :wink:

This ad was so ugly, there’s no way I’d use it anywhere, and certainly not to promote my skills! It was a straight up ‘copy exactly as this is currently, but in a new size’ ad and so that’s what I did. Whoever the original designer is, I’ll let them flaunt the work.

Reply to @jenku99: the reasons is because some people are scammers and try to get work for free. It happens once in a blue moon even to the best of sellers. Don’t take it personally. In business you will always have some losses.

I would send a note to Customer Support to let them know that you went ahead and canceled the order, but that you were concerned and wanted to report this buyer because you did provide a file with the bleed size that was asked for…then let them deal with it.

Reply to @jenku99: This is a routine problem and it is understandable why you are upset. All I can tell you is, the probably won’t be the first time. You can protect yourself a little bit by watermarking files until the buyer says in messages that they are 100% happy with it. Then deliver the files without the watermark.

Yes, some buyers will still come back and say they changed their minds for whatever reason. At that point mutual cancellation with a refund is still often your best bet.

Let them know that since are are giving them a refund, you retain the rights to the work and can use it yourself for advertising or modify it for another buyer to resell. I’ve had 2 buyers change their mind about a refund once they realize I was going to keep the copyright. Both opted to keep the work, leave me no review (neither negative or positive) and that was fine with me.

Reply to @fonthaunt & @itsyourthing: Thank you for your comment! Just to update this, I did go ahead and do a mutual cancellation late last night. For the reason, I put 'Buyer was unresponsive." For the ‘explanation to buyer’, I put this:

"The order was delivered exactly to the buyer’s specifications as they stated in the order details. Buyer did not respond for several days after the order was delivered, and only then did they ask for a refund , via a request for modification, rather than giving me any opportunity to fix the issue they had with the order. Since getting their request, I have resent the files to them, again to their exact dimensions, and have heard nothing back from the buyer. "

After thinking about it more, I would be willing to bet that they did just take the money and work and run. Scum bag. But I guess I have no real way of knowing… But from now on, I am going to do what you suggest and do the watermark…of course, this buyer wanted a cancellation after the work was delivered. So if I had put a watermark on the file during the mockup stage and then delivered it without the watermark when I ordered it, I have a feeling he still would’ve asked for a cancellation. He basically just wanted free work. (I say ‘he’…it could be a ‘she’ for all I know! :wink: )

Out of 65 orders, this is my first red flag/scam…so I’m still new to this… So again, thank you both for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: Totally true, buyers who realize they can probably get away with it will probably use the work, but the cool part is that the seller can still gain at least some benefit for their efforts!

With writing and graphic design projects, many buyers do not want you to use the work in your portfolio or website because they want to resell it or represent it as their own work. If they pay for it, fine by me, it just means I have to go to extra work to keep my profile fresh.

If they don’t pay for it, I use the work everywhere. Fiverr, my website portfolio, YouTube, etc. I benefit from my own work and the scammy ex-buyer takes the risk of someone finding the work elsewhere online. I also try to get the work online somewhere as fast as possible. That way, my time/date stamps typically show that I had the work before the scam ex-buyer did. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: So much hustle to thwart the scammy, scumbags, but it’s worth it - at least it feels better. :wink:

Reply to @itsyourthing: It does give me some satisfaction, and it’s good advertising/sample work. :wink: