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Buyer requests access question

I’m wondering - is the buyers request page only accessible for level 1 and higher sellers?

I went from level 2 to 1 to no rating and haven’t seen any jobs come up there since, so just wanted to check.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Fiverr does not show many buyer requests to sellers ranked as “New Sellers” (below Level 1). This seems to be in response to a serious problem that Fiverr used to have with new sellers (new to the site) spamming and misusing the BR section. Now, they have largely blocked anyone who is a New Seller from accessing buyer requests – and it has significantly cut down on the spam and misuse. It would appear that Fiverr wants sellers to earn the right to respond to buyer requests – once they are promoted to Level 1 seller.

Even Level 1 sellers who are demoted, lose access to most buyer requests.


I am still new seller. Sometimes I see buyer request but most of the time don’t. Very funny! :rofl:

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Great figured it might be the case. I’m going to be hopefully back to level 1 in about a month’s time, so will check back then. Thanks!


Yes, it is “very funny” that Fiverr has taken actions to cut down on spam and sellers misusing a feature on the site. :roll_eyes:


Good luck, and you’re welcome!


Same is with me…:thinking:

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It’s available to all sellers, but your Level is what how many requests made available to you and for how many gigs.

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Congrats.carry on.Good luck

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