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Buyer requests allow people to try and sell with their request?

Hello reader, my name is Levi.

I have been experiencing sellers posting to buyers’ requests and I’m a bit thrown off. I would like to know if this is allowed somehow or if they’re just spamming me. Thank you in advance for reading this! This concern/rant is about those who wanna post their services in the buyers’ request when I’m a seller and this looks suspicious.


It’s not allowed, and they can get banned for it.

There are countless threads on the forum discussing it.


there are almost as many threads on the forum about this issue as there are fake buyer requests, the infection just grows.

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It is mostly new sellers who do not know better or desperate people who know the rules but do not care. I laugh when I see them and click the “remove request” button. the reason I laugh is that the only people responding to their posts are other sellers. So this must be very puzzling to them. :joy: I found that out by doing a bit of research myself. Here it is if you want to read about it.

I was soooo curious I just had to

Thank you both for replying and supplying a link so that I can read more on the issue. I was just reading about Stride Insurance here on the forum from the announcements and it sounds viable for when I am more successful. I appreciate you two for being there to answer my concern/question(s).

It’s so bad a poll was created here :anchor:

Almost :three::zero::zero: votes.

Sellers posting in BR make themselves look foolish. :clown_face: