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Buyer Requests and Frauds

I have had conservation exchange with a “buyer A”

I replied to a “buyer’s request” and she replied to me, asking for a free sample of a written work at her request. She makes it clear that it should be 100% plagiarism free and expects me to work 2-3 hours on it. The topic was “weibo” in china.

I happen to know that there is 2 weibo in China, and so I asked if she knew that and which weibo is she referring to… to which she went silent for about 30 minutes.

Within the 30 minutes, the status show “typing…” several times, which prompted my suspicion. I looked into her profile and discover she is providing a similar service. That got me thinking about her request for a “free sample of writing” and whether she is trying to plagiarize my sample if i provide her with one… to sell as her work?

Many times, I see “request” that is asking for samples… I wonder if any of them are genuine?


You might mean well but you should not name and shame in the forum.

To be clear, anyone who asks for free work should be avoided. A buyer should instead place an order.

Also, the phrase “long term collaboration” is a massive red flag.


understood. thank you.

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NEVER offer a free sample - at least, in your case, do not write an essay or post or whatever that is geared to what they want you to write about if they were to ever hire you - which is doubtful. Yes, they were looking to scam you - think about it, enough people reply to this buyer (sellers) BR and give them enough info so they do not have to write the article or whatever themselves and they got it free and made money on it!



Fiverr algorithm. Let’s be honest, all new sellers want to grow and get noticed.

One of those many “tips” online seems to suggest that the “favorites” will get us in front of the searches and there are Facebook groups of Fiverr “faves exchanges”… 5$ reviews for sale at 8$ for U.S., U.K “buyers”. There’s even a “bot” that claims to be able to create tens of Fiverr accounts at the same time.

I’m left to wonder, whether there’s a possibility for growth for me on this platform… organically. How many % of new sellers generate enough sales to go onto level one or level two?


Don’t offer free samples every. I never do. It’s gotten be burned every time. Personally, I just rather not work with buyer who even feel the need to ask because there are usually other negative traits that go along with that request.

People who want free samples at the very least bad clients to have because they either have unrealistic expectations that will never be satisfied, or they are the type that will try to shop around to various sellers and only pay for the one they like best, which is unethical. I’ve caught people trying to do this on a few occasions. Finally, it usually means as a buyer, they don’t really respect or value what you do and the time it takes to do it, otherwise they would feel bad just asking you to donate your time for free with no guarantee of payment. It’s just a bad situation all around to get involved with buyers who want free samples first.


You shouldn’t do favourite exchange or anything that would get your account suspended/banned (buying reviews could get your account in trouble).

How many % of new sellers generate enough sales to go onto level one or level two?

I’d guess about 23% of sellers get enough sales to reach level 1 or above, though that may not be that accurate (that’s based on doing a search of “logo” (one of the most common things) and there being about 76.86% of gigs by unlevelled sellers, and assuming the % of sellers for the levels is roughly the same. Though that’s an overall/all-time estimate really. As more sellers join maybe the percentage of sellers who can reach >=level 1 will be decreasing due to the increased competition (unless there’s enough additional buyers).


23% is quite decent. My concern is that some sellers have so many good reviews but their English is somewhat broken. “Buyer A” mentioned in the original post, has 17 positive reviews for her “writing gigs”… despite her English is quite broken.

I hope things will go well. Mahalo :hibiscus:


I think the buyer’s request needs further screening. I wonder if “buyers” were being verified… at least with a credit card to make sure they are a real person, before being able to post any request.

Does anyone know if I “block” people like this, whether my “response rate” will drop… if they pm me and those text goes to the spam folder?

I had read a couple of stories here that their response rate goes down because messages in the spam folder weren’t answered.


The reason we have portfolio is to tell the clients what they can expect. Instead of completing their task just show them your works. That is enough.


I usually don’t usually care if someone passes of my work as theirs, as long as they have already paid me, they can do whatever they want… As for samples I give them out for free, but those samples are the ones I created to build my portfolio and not the ones a potential buyer wants me to create from scratch.


I have seen people come to me with projects often they arent sure about their answers as they ddnt research much before starting a brand. But I havent seen anyone who doesnt know who their exact target audience is.


Not everything can be given out as samples. Business plans are usually done in a format, and those done professionally will have a confidentiality clause. The same for many digital ad campaigns.

I do make it a point to respond bilingually for the translation gig, and I responded with a “sample”, usually the first paragraph… if they upload what they needed to be done. This is probably why I landed both orders and struggling with the business ones.

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I am hoping Fiverr can change how the “Buyer’s Request” works. At least, the sellers should be able to know the origins of the “buyer”…

I replied to a request who needed translation from English to Mandarin… thirty minutes ago. I saw the name, was wondering about his origins and so I did a user search. That profile no longer exists… I am assuming Fiverr realized that they are a scammer. (And I wasted 1/10 daily opportunities)

I thought the request is “pre-screened”?

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It’s disappointing to see so many sellers selling things for which they lack proficiency.

If they get orders they are probably from buyers whose English is also poor and they can’t tell that the work is incorrect. They shouldn’t be ordering things they can’t understand, but that also shouldn’t make them ripe for fraud. Unfortunately that’s just the way Fiverr is.

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8$ for a 5$ gig + 5-star review… or “5$ reviews exchange”.

Now “U.S” and “U.K” reviews are in demand. It’s all over several Facebook groups. I contemplated… but decided against it.

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Never offer free sample.

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Never even contemplate gaming the system. review exchange is not only unfair to other sellers, but it manipulates buyers with lies.


I will not do it. I am hoping to grow on this platform… covid 19 is creating lots of uncertainty. I am hoping for longevity.

In one of my gig…

I edited and wrote an article of 4300 words for $5, just to get a 5 stars review. It was tiring but worth it… for the right topic, I will be genuinely happy to write it for free. A little disappointing that it’s not a long term thing (and pays more!). I am feeling blue after working on a gig that I like working for… I wonder if any of you writers there felt the same sometimes?